Executive/Staff Recruiting

Most recruiters select candidates based on their experience as identified in their resume and through interviewing. We add another dimension to the process by assessing the candidate’s competencies, behavior style and driving forces.

Wouldn’t knowing how a prospective employee responds to challenges, influences others, reacts to the pace of the environment, and works within rules and procedures be helpful before you hire them?

Manager Mentoring (DISC Descriptors)

Wouldn’t knowing what driving forces affect a prospective employee’s behavior be useful within the selection process?

Staff Development (Driving Forces)

Wouldn’t knowing how well developed a prospective employee’s competencies are be important to job fit?

Recruiting (Competencies)

There is more to recruiting then advertising, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates. Our scientific assessments and proven vetting process will ensure you hire and retain the best candidates.

Does your hiring process ensure you hire the best candidate?