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Never Signed ... Never Sent

During the Civil War, after three days of bloody battle at Gettysburg, General Lee retreated back across Pennsylvania in hopes of escaping to Virginia. General Meade, head of the Union army, did not pursue him deeming his army too exhausted

to do so.

President Lincoln, after hearing that Meade did not pursue Lee, who had escaped into Virginia, wrote a scathing letter to Meade stating that he could have ended Lee's army and won the war and how disappointed he was in Meade and his apparent inaction.

He then ended the letter with "never signed, never sent," and put it in his desk drawer.

As we look at postings on social media we are sometimes driven to respond in some way. To add our two cents to the discussion. To voice our opinion, generally based on little or even no knowledge of the topic and nothing to go on other than that we believe we must offer our opinion.

On such occasions, perhaps we should consider what President Lincoln considered prior to never signing nor sending his letter.

What purpose does it serve? Is it edifying? Is it helpful? What's the end goal? What do I hope to accomplish? Is it going to do any good? Or, is it just going to cause someone else to respond because they disagree and feel the need to express their opinion on the matter.

We all feel the urge. Perhaps sometimes, "never signed ... never sent" is the best option for not only the occasion but also for our own well being.

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