Manager Mentoring Program

Many managers lack the knowledge and experience to manage people. Management classes don’t go far enough in helping managers address problems and issues that are unique to their business environment. 

The Manager Mentoring Program is personalized 12-month program consisting of scientific assessments and individual coaching/training sessions.

Assessments consist of individual DISC which help identify how the manager responds to problems and challenges, influences others, responds to the pace of their work environment and responds to rules and procedures.

Manager Mentoring (DISC Descriptors)

Additional assessments measure motivation, and competencies, 360° organization feedback, and individual stress areas.

Manager Mentoring (360-degree)

Assessment results are used to help identify team and organization issues and to provide a baseline understanding for the monthly mentoring meetings.

Monthly mentoring meetings are held to discuss team and organization problems along with training on important topics of management and coaching such as situational leadership, performance evaluations, SMART goal creation,

reward & recognition programs, interviewing new hires, onboarding techniques, motivating employees, working with the boss, and more. 

Our personalized program helps managers to better understand themselves and their team and provides individualized training to help address specific management problems and issues.

Manager Mentoring Program (Slider)

Are your managers ready to manage, coach, and mentor their teams?