Job/Candidate Matching

We all interview candidates with built-in biases based on our own experience, education, job knowledge, and intelligence.

Job/Candidate Matching Process is a structured process that utilizes scientific assessments to match 12 specific behaviors, 6 motivations that drive actions, and 25 competencies of the job to the those of the candidates.

Job Matching

The process …

Identify Subject Matter Experts who interact with this position on a regular basis. Generally these consist of the manager, direct reports, internal suppliers, and customers.

Identify Key Accountabilities which are the most important aspects this position is accountable for ranked and weighted by the subject matter experts.

Online Job Assessments completed by the subject matter experts which identifies the behaviors, motivators, and competencies for superior performance in the position.

Job Benchmark is the combined subject matter expert Job Assessments.

Online Talent Assessment completed by each candidate.

Job Gap Report created by the system identifying the Job Benchmark scores compared to the candidate’s Online Talent Assessment scores.

Candidate Matching

Download the “Calculate the Real Cost of a BAD Hire” Worksheet here.

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