Executive Coaching Program

Everyone needs an accountability partner. Executive peer groups are extremely effective in helping business owners, however, they only go so far. What’s needed is a more personalized approach.

The Executive Coaching Program is a personalized 12-month program consisting of scientific assessments and individual coaching sessions.

Assessments consist of individual and team DISC, motivation, and competencies to help identify leader and team strengths and weaknesses.

Executive Coaching (Team Behavior Image)

Additional assessments measure 360° organization feedback, individual and group stress areas.

Executive Coaching (Leader Stress Image)

Assessment results are used to help identify team and organization issues and to provide a baseline understanding for the monthly coaching sessions.

Monthly Coaching Sessions help identify, discuss, analyze, and address individual, business and personnel problems and issues.

Business Coaching

Our personalized program helps executives and business owners to address and resolve those specific issues that hinder them from spending more time on the business instead of in the business.

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.