About Our Assessments

As a Value Added Resource and Certified Analyst with TTI Success Insights®, (Assessment Buyers Guide) WhiteRock uses a variety of their assessments during our coaching engagements. Many are used to establish a baseline for executive and management coaching. Others are used to obtain information about the organization and to help the organization identify and hire top talent. Descriptions of the specific assessments are shown below along with links to view and download flyers and sample reports.

Job/Candidate Matching  (Job Benchmarking) – The Job Benchmarking Process utilizes a Job Report resulting from interviews with job subject matter experts, TriMetrix DNA or TriMetrix HD reports (depending on how many sciences the client desires to utilize), and a Job Gap Report comparing the information in the Job Report to the individual candidate’s TriMetrix DNA or HD report. Job benchmarking also uses the new Talent Insights Comparison Report to compare your top two candidates.

Organizational Design  (Organizational Design) – These fully customizable surveys include 360° Personal Performance surveys (360 Favorable vs Unfavorable, 360 Mean Score), product, customer, and service feedback surveys. You choose the survey titles, content, respondent instructions, demographic filters, categories, questions, rating scales, and comment areas. Results can be viewed in a variety of report options.

Sales Development – Assessments associated with developing your sales staff include the Sales Skills Index which utilizes the six steps in the sales process and identifies an individual’s weaknesses in each of the areas. The TriMetrix DNA Sales and the TriMetrix HD Sales assessments utilize three or four sciences from a unique sales perspective.

Staff Development – We use the TriMetrix HD (TriMetrix HD Report) assessment as part of the Manager Mentoring Program and Executive Coaching Program. Additional assessments utilized for staff and team development include TriMetrix DNA, (TriMetrix DNA Report) TriMetrix HD, TriMetrix ACI (TriMetrix ACI Report), Team Behaviors, Team Motivators, and Workplace Stress Quotient.

Workplace Stress (Workplace Stress eBook) – Workplace Stress costs organizations $300 billion a year in lost productivity and medical costs. Workplace Stress Individual Assessment and the Workplace Stress Group Assessment identify stress levels associated with job demands, effort/reward imbalance, job control, organizational change, manager/supervisor issues, social support, and job security.

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